Thursday, March 27, 2008

Registering a domain name

When I was very new to the world of internet, I didn't know what, how and where to get a domain and set up a website on it. After some search through the web and some detailed studying, I found by by hit and trial what I needed to do to setup a site on my own domain. It is quite easy to register a domain name, you just have to choose a domain name registrar, search for a domain name you like and if it is available, register it and pay for it. Thats it, you just bought a domain. Well to make a site on your domain, you will need a web space which doesn't cost that much, then you need to update the nameserver to what you web hosting company gave you. In about 48 hours, the domain nameserver will propagate and you will be able to host a site on your domain. The cost of registering a domain (.com,.net,.org etc) is usually between $9 to $10 depending on which registrar you choose. I use namecheap and all my domains are registered there. Its very simple and easy to use for novices so I would recommend Namecheap for domain name registration. Also don't forget to search for a coupon code before registering a domain, you will get an additional discount when you use a coupon code. Discount of any kind is always good. :D

register a domain name

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