Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free stat counter for your website

There are a lot of free counters that also collect traffic stats like google analytics, sitemeter etc. There are a whole bunch of sites that offer free visitor tracking for website and they offer these services for free. I have a bit of experience on Google analytics. They offer a lot of options for webmasters to track visitors and optimize and promote their site likewise but the data is not up to date, it takes a day or two for google analytics to update stats.

This new free counters offers almost all the tracking function a webmaster would ever need. You can get information on unique visitors, a graphical stats. They also offer tracking for keywords use on search engines to find your website so you can optimize it to get even more traffic from search engines. To use this tracking tool, you need to expend two minutes of your precious time and sign up for this service free of cost. Its free so there is absolutely no risk at all in using this tool. You might just like the features on this free tracking tool.

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