Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BT broadband internet

Right now the broadband internet market is very competitive and lots of ISP's are selling broadband subscription for a very reasonable price to attract customers. Some give huge broadband speed for a price bit higher than others and some sell for a low price for a reasonable broadband transfer speed.

bt is UK's top company that provides broadband internet as well as mobile phone services, TV and phone services. Their pricing for broadband internet is not that cheap compared to other ISP's but they provide good bandwidth (up to 8MB download speed). Do you know the speed of your current internet connection? If not you could check it with speedtest. The lowest price they offer is £8.95 per month with eighteen month commitment contract. Everything looks good for this package but the 5GB download quota is below par. Other than that this package would be very attractive. Well you can get unlimited download allowance but you will have to pay a bit more. You will also receive a router worth £25 for free if you order this package online. speedtest

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