Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rave Scene (truth)

After years of being relegated to the world of the underground, and in the opinion of
some to the criminal world, Rave music has finally ascended into the ranks of popular
culture and is now considered a legitimate music Genre right aside techno and

There are many popular DJs who play reputable clubs all over the nation that started
their careers Working raves. This is a testament to the growing legitimacy of rave
With rave music gaining in popularity, we can expect better and better rave music to

Emerge on the scene and surprise us with catchy new beats to rave our heads off to!

I have been in the Scene for about 14 years now. I have seen the Scene grow and fall
then to grow again. Its like a roller coaster ride. I am not sure why it does what it
does, but it is strong and never seems to go away completely. I have now started a community dedicated to us at Electronic Underground

The definition of Raver has it good thought by people that know what a true Raver is
and bad thought for those of you that have no idea. A true Raver is someone that
goes to a rave/party for the music, for the vibe for the people and always follows
the rule of P.L.U.R. NO it doesn't matter if you like Jungle or you like hardcore,
trance ,house or any of the other genres. It only matters if you are a True Raver.


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