Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Make Money Online With The University Kid

How many bloggers have you seen talking about making money online without actually having proof that they do it? Well, here’s one that does, and shows proof; The University Kid is a blog that talks about internet marketing, blogging and most importantly how to make money online.

The writer is a 16 year old University student who only started to make money online two months ago; with an average income of $1000 a month, it is a pretty decent start. With absolutely no coding knowledge whatsoever, most of the money is made off copywriting and website flipping, although an expansion into affiliate marketing is foreseeable in the near future.

Whereas lots of bloggers are polite in their ways, The University Kid packs a punch; no one is spared being blasted if something wrong is done. If you want to make money online, and want a decent, honest view on it from someone who started doing so, check out The University Kid at

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