Sunday, November 25, 2007

Idiot Calls For Pizza Delivery From Neighbors Phone - No Sweat

It's tough enough sweating your ass off for less than six dollars an hour to earn a living, but some people are too stupid to bother with sweating.

I'm not sure what kind of addiction can be so chronic and mind crippling to provoke a man to use his neighbor's telephone to call a pizza place, order a pizza to be delivered, and then rob the pizza boy!

Listen, boys and girls, you've heard the old adage "If it sounds to good to be true...". ?? Well, unfortunately the people involved in the Think Tank for this plan of getting some quick and easy cash were not well informed of that bit of knowledge.

On a positive side in regards to the ignorance of this, the police were able to apprehend the idiots involved. Now they are doing a very unrewarding type of sweating, not doing work, but DOING TIME! Do me a favor and Just Say No!

Submitted by Karen Jones

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