Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monster Eats Dog

Hello, I sketched a doodle up during English class for my site DRYFUSE. I thought the concept out for about two minutes max. It was meant to be pretty humble and funny. I doodled a monstrous creature and then basically drew his tongue elongated wrapping around something (nonexistent at the time). I later drew in a dog as the figure that was being eaten, but I had originally planned for it to be a man; luckily I realized that a harmless dog being devoured would be much funnier in concept than just another usual person. For the "Dog Eater" monster creature, I simply started drawing an obese sluggish shape and decided to put him in a trollish like posture making him appear fat and stupid. This doodle was colored and finished in Photoshop cs3 over the timespan of two and a 1/2 hrs. I attempted to make the "Dog eater" as repulsive as possible.

Here are the final results: (I do plan to give it a background later)

Dog Eater

Here I used a transparency in Photoshop to make the lines a little bit darker, it also made it a little bit more cartoonistic with an outline.

Dog Eater Lines

And finally the original sketch... (The image is in a .gif format which makes it lose quality, but ultimately makes it load faster so here you are...)

Dog Eater Sketch


Another finished piece! Hope you enjoyed my sketch.

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