Sunday, July 1, 2007

Personal Blog by browie

There are plenty of blogs out there on the web. Celebrity blogs, sports blogs (like this great one), tech blogs and even "how to make money" blogs. While these are fun to read if you're into that particular topic, the best blogs for everyone to read are Personal Blogs.

These types of blogs are fun to read because they are writing about their own life experiences, instead of Paris Hilton. One blog in particular is the Personal Blog by browie. Browie is a a nickname this blogger received long ago, you can read about that story in one of his blog posts. There is no set pattern of topics he discusses, just something new everyday.

If you are a blog reader and don't want to read about the same things you saw on the tube that day go find a personal blog to read. If the blog discussed in this post is something that interests you make sure add his RSS FEED to your bookmarks.

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