Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don’t Be the Last to Know

The unveiling of a new publicly stated journal is immersing from the minds of highly intelligent and obscurely opinionated analyst. Football fanatics nowadays are often constrained by huge number of responsibilities. Let’s face it, game lovers can’t stand traveling in the car listening to poor and bias commentary about their favorite teams over am or fm radio. But sometimes you just got to wine and dine the ole lady and you get stuck in the car. We all got are thing. Not to mention many commentators presume their listeners have never heard or seen the sport. Thus, they explain basic rules of the game during important moments in a game. If you ever been to a buddies house to watch the Monday night game, then you have noticed the guy sitting dead center on the couch with his laptop in its respective place. That’s us.

While we may not report up to the second commentary for every game, this weblog is dedicated to the people that are enthusiastic about all aspects of the game. From First and Ten’s to the player’s livelihood. We keep our viewers informed of disputes on and off the field year-round. You can find articles, highlight videos, links to other sources and products. We even take care of our fellow fantasy players. We are all tired of the analyst at the big daddy companies. Always reporting what they have to in order to keep an image. Don’t get left behind when it comes to game day decisions for our fantasy football news readers. We’ll keep you posted on top performers and on injuries, trades, and the Free Agency market.

Our mission is to show the true vision of the NFL from the viewers’ perspective. This site is moderated daily and presents an exciting opportunity for people that have different schedules than the NFL. So you choose when to log in leave comments on are articles. Vision NFL is owned and operated by fans of the National Football League. We are not affiliated with the NFL, but simply stating our opinions and keeping our readers informed on recent headlines.

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