Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Writer's Pit

The Blog called Writer's Pit is typically based on business, technology and internet. These are such things which are the hottest talk in the world. The articles on business are good and so are the articles on technology. There are some posts like Investment in Weapons, Nepal’s Stock Exchange which is really informative and interesting as well. It is really amazing to know the current value of the share of Standard Chartered Bank is above four thousand. There are other business related articles which can be used as a reference for studies as well as surveys. This website is simple yet attractive as the mixture of color combination is very less. The main thing to look upon a website is its color combination I guess. So it is a nicely crafted page however there are a lot of rooms for improvements as well. The name of the website does not suit the page because the name “Writer's Pit” meant to have included other writers and not only the author of this web site. All in all as there is still some room for improvement we can look upon the best of good articles in the future.

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