Sunday, June 24, 2007

Review : ScamTypes is a blog that has scams and fraud as it's central theme. The owner, as a webmaster, knows only too well just how many devious people there are on the internet and has attempted to address them all within the site.

As a result, this blog focuses on the many different scams and frauds on the internet that it's readers may come across.

The main scam that most people are aware of is the advanced fee, or Nigerian 419 scam. Other, lesser known scams include phishing, pharming and pyramid schemes.

Each type of scam is categorised and discussed with email examples given where possible, allowing the reader to make comparisons with any emails they may have received.

One of the other big concerns to the modern internet user is identity theft. This generally starts when a crook obtains a victim's details through a phishing or pharming scam. It can, and has, left it's victims in such a state that they have been financially ruined, or have even killed themselves. has a very detailed section on this crime, giving clear advice on how to avoid identity theft and how to cope if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim.

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