Sunday, June 24, 2007

Review : Internet Reflection

Internet reflections is a blog with plenty of criticism in it's content. Many reviews, internet freebies, god posts and internet related comic content. If you want to relax and find nice interesting stuff, or just want to read somebody's thoughts, feel free to visit this site. You won't be disappointed.

Now, what's so different about this site as to the others? Well, In the first thing one will notice that the author personal life is somewhat covered in a category. Then there is the personal internet investment category in witch you will find the author's personal experiences with some of his most used investment programs. After that you can find some news and personal opinions on the e-currency being used by him along with the necessary comments and criticism about the problems covered by this domain too.

Also some of the virtual worlds are presented along with the problems that can appear with the use of them opposed to the real world where discussions about it and from the author's real life are discussed and analyzed here. You should not forget the freebies section where you will find updated freebies that are presented with their ups and downs, and why you should use them and why one shouldn't. Also some stuff about search engines is covered int his blog.

I wish you all happy browsing.

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