Friday, June 29, 2007

Kids and Parents

Here is an ordinary family – parents and kids. Ordinary lifestyle – we go to work in the mornings, come home in the evenings, feed the kids, talk to them, and play with them. If one manages to read for an hour or watch an interesting movie in the evening that’s very lucky, indeed. That’s it, one more day is over. It’s easy to get tired of your uneventful same old, same old life during the work week.

But fortunately, we have weekends! Just as the work week begins we can start planning what to do on the weekend. We are interested in so many things and like to have fun. We like things that make life beautiful – music, great food, travel, movies, and much more.

When we have people over we can make something unusual that tastes great and looks beautiful. And when we visit our friends we’ll have exciting philosophical or historical discussions, talking of the present, talking of the future.

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